by Kyoko Mizuki, illustrated by Kaya Tachibana

On May 28, 2008, Shodansha Inc. published their first issue of Romantic Princess (ロマ×プリRoma x Puri), a shojou magazine aimed at women in their 30's and 40's. This romance comic book featured the new manga written Kyoko Mizuki with illustrations by Kaya Tachibana. The serialized storyline focuses on the romance between Lora and Bertrand and a summary will be provided later by Itomaru at her website.

May 2008

August 2008

November 2008

In the meantime, you can view my scans of the first Volume of Loreley with a couple of colored graphic illustrations by Kaya Tachibana included in the first and second volumes.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Preview scans of Volume 1 in Japanese

pg. 1

pg. 2

pg. 3

pg. 4

pg. 5

pg. 6

pg. 7



Fragments of a Star
by Kyoko Mizuki

Between 2000-2001, Kodansha published a successful 3-part novel written by Kyoko Mizuki called "Hoshi no Kakera" or "Fragments of a Star". This  story is about an 11-year-old Japanese girl named Maki who tries to help her first love, Makito, a young boy with numerous family problems. His father abuses him and has an affair while his mother suffers from a mental illness and eventually commits suicide. Makito also has to deal with an older girlfriend with a secret past, who demands too much love from him. In the end, he overcomes all his personal difficulties through Maki's enduring support, while discovering the meaning of true love together.

Domo Arigato to my dear friend Hitomi Fujii for sharing this story!

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