Korean Candy Candy Sequel: "Mrs. Candy" Novel
by Sim Sang Gone

Like the Italians, the Koreans also wrote and illustrated their own "sequel" of Candy Candy! Much thanks (고맙습니다) to our Korean CC friends for sharing these scans and providing a summary of the events that occurred in this Korean version of the CC manga sequel:

  • Susanna is relieved that Terry has returned to her, but he is still unhappy. Worried for her son, Terry's mother, Eleanor decides to intervene. She asks Susanna to let Terry to live his life as an actor and advises her to get a prosthetic limb.
  • Susanna finally has a change of heart and agrees to release Terry from his obligation to her while she gets a prosthetic leg. She writes a farewell letter to him and later enters the convent!
  • Candy is still working at the hospital but a rumor is circulating that she is Neil's lover, a rumor which Neil started of course. Candy gets arrested from the police for accidentally hurting someone (that Neil paid off), but is later released thanks to her superior doctor.
  • Aunt Elroy confines Candy in the mansion's basement where Neil continues to torment her. He still wants to marry her but she vehemently refuses. They fight and she falls down the basement stairs, covered in blood. Archie, Annie and Patty find her and take her to Dr. Martin's clinic to receive care.
  • Albert sees Candy at the clinic and she asks him to remove her name from the Ardlays. She wants to be free from the Ardlay family. Albert accuses Neil and Eliza of causing trouble then announces he wants to marry Candy himself!
  • Aunt Elroy plots to kidnap Candy and soon she is abducted by two men who shave off her head until she is bald!
  • Albert finds her and is surprised by her baldness. However he announces his marriage to her. He also makes plans to join the war effort and later Patty joins him.
  • Candy receives word that Terry is dead. She investigates and finds out that he was only injured.
  • Despite her bald head, Terry proclaims that he loves her and wants to marry her. "I'm okay... I love you in my mind, not looks... freckled baldhead... I must marry you."
  • On Christmas Eve, Georges brings Candy to the villa. Wedding preparations are made and Candy is afraid she is forced to marry Albert. "No! No!" she cries out. Suddenly Terry appears as the bridegroom and they get married. The End. Yay! Woot!

Cover of the Korean CC Novel: "Mrs. Candy"

Terry thinking of Candy

Susanna, Terry & Candy

Bald Candy

Candy nursing a patient

Neil's traffic accident

Susanna in bed