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In 1997, Kyoko Mizuki (author) brought a Civil Action lawsuit against her old friend and partner, Yumiko Igarashi (manga illustrator) over the unauthorized production and selling of Candy Candy merchandise. Igarashi, on the other hand, believed she had the right to sell the Candy Candy goods without her consent, since she drew the illustrations. She claimed, "I drew Candy Candy based on the story I wrote all by myself and Mizuki's story is not the original." The publisher Kodansha Ltd. refuted her claim and supported the fact that the CC manga was based on Mizuki's original manuscript.

The bitter trials between the "mothers" of Candy Candy lasted for nearly five years until the final judgement fell in favor of Kyoko Mizuki by the Japanese Supreme Court on October 25, 2001. Those unfamiliar with this infamous Candy Candy Trial, can read the timeline of the "Candy Candy lawsuits" at this Japanese/English website: We Love Candy. There is also a good summary of the trials and the outcome at the Anime News Network.

Illustrated by Angela

In the final sentencing on May 30, 2002, Igarashi and her accomplices were ordered to pay damages worth over 30,000,000 yen. Mizuki was also reconfirmed as the copyright holder of Candy Candy in the "first degree" while Yumiko Igarashi held the copyright in the "second degree". Any future Candy Candy merchandise cannot be produced or sold without both parties' consent. Igarashi is prohibited by law to draw and sell any new Candy Candy illustrations or goods without Mizuki's authorization. However, as the confirmed original author, Mizuki is allowed to write novels and new stories about Candy and authorize production of a new Candy anime or manga without Igarashi's consent, as long as the illustrator's drawings are not used.

Kyoko Mizuki's Message to Candyfans on 10/29/2001 after the last Supreme Court Trial
(quoted from her
overseas guestbook)

Dear all overseas Candy Candy fan,

I'm so sorry not writing you back that I always feel so bad.

On October 25th, finally I have won the Candy Candy copyright dispute extensively at the highest court judgment, the Supreme Court in Japan. As Kyoko Mizuki, I was confirmed as the author of Candy Candy in law. That means those Candy Candy merchandise were consented and produced by the Mangaka (Ms. Igarashi) only herself are all illegal ones, which is confirmed in law.

It was really long way for me to get the judgment. It's been for 5 years since I brought it to the court. During having the dispute, it was detected that the Mangaka had consented to sell Candy Candy merchandise in overseas with some goods maker. Thank you all for the information on illegal Candy Candy merchandise that you've found near you. I really appreciate it. I wanted to provide you legal ones, and I wanted you to enjoy them, truly. However, I regret that those illegal merchandise have spread in many countries.

In spite of the Mangaka infringed Toei holing the Candy Candy trademark, the issue that the Mangaka sued Toei over the Candy Candy trademark came to the conclusion and Toei has won. However, this dispute caused a broadcast freeze on the series, and so far it is impossible to release whole series on videos and DVDs in the world, even in Japan.

We are also working on investigation the information on Candy Candy DVDs in Asian countries, Canada, Mexico, France, and Germany. And all of those DVDs are very suspicious not only just a bootleg, but illegal merchandise that the Mangaka might be involved.

As the author of Candy Candy, I do hope the work, Candy Candy will be cleaned up. As long as those illegal merchandise appears on the world market, I'm very sad to see the image of Candy Candy getting dirty. I do hope you will tell your friend who is also Candy Candy fan in the world all about this.

I always read all yours posted message here. I'm sorry I didn't write you back because of my poor English. I'm so happy to get yours thoughtful and the warmest message. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it.

Kyoko Mizuki


Where can I buy Candy Candy Merchandise?

At online auctions and anime/manga stores, one may still be able find an assortment of CC goods and memorabilia produced in Europe, Latin, and Asian countries, where Candy was very popular in the 1970's and 80's. The CC merchandise that appeared in the late 1990's up until today are generally considered illegal since their production was never authorized by the author.

Illegal CC DVDS in France

On November 2005, these mysterious publicity ads appeared in certain anime/manga and ladies magazines in France announcing the release of the French Candy Candy DVDs! Two DVD box sets, each containing 23 episodes were produced under a relatively unknown logo -- "Pony Girls"-- and sold in discreet manga boutiques and ebay.

While pursuing another company in court for illegally producing and selling the French Goldorak DVDS, TOEI Animation filed a suit to block the sale of these French Candy DVDs, claiming that they never gave the rights to this company to exploit them.  On May 2006, the French courts decided in favor of TOEI and the companies responsible (Poly Production and DDV) were ordered to surrender the French CC video masters and pay a substantial commercial fine.  The details of this "Candygate" affair can be found (only in French) at Nonoche's site: Goldorak-Gate.

As a result of the copyright trials between Mizuki and Igarashi, TOEI had decided not to produce any DVDs of the anime series. The company felt that Igarashi had infringed on TOEI's trademark "Candy Candy" and no longer wanted to associate itself with the product due to the "Candy Candy scandal".  The proliferation and selling of illegal DVD bootlegs had also prevented them from broadcasting the series and producing and distributing future DVD release.

Are there any "official" Candy Candy Merchandise?

You can still find and purchase legal and official Candy Candy merchandise at and other online stores and auction sites. However, the difficulty lies in identifying which products are made legally (authorized by Mizuki) and which are not (bootlegs). In general, all publications of the Candy Candy mangas released in Japan are considered official products, as well as CC merchandise produced in Japan before 1995, when TOEI Animation still held the rights to produce Candy Candy goods under Kodansha's management. Kodansha had managed the copyright for Mizuki and Igarashi between 1976 and 1995. When their contract expired in 1995, the copyright management returned to Mizuki and Igarashi, who both agreed and signed a contract that any CC merchandise required BOTH of their permission.

Reference: We Love Candy Candy

Official CC Music CD in France

On December 2003, a French record company LOGA-RYTHME released a musical CD containing the BGMs (background music) composed by Takeo Watanabe for the 1979 Candy Candy animated series! The BGMs were first produced on an LP vinyl record 33pm in November 1981 by Nippon Columbia, Ltd.

French Candy CD


Japanese CC BGM - LP (1981)
テレビ・オリジナル・BGM・コレクション キャンディ キャンディ 

This French produced CD contains bonus Karaoke background music for the Japanese opening and ending theme songs "Candy Candy" and "Ashitaga Suki", as well French Candy Candy music sung by Dominique Poulain and Dorothée. Included in the CD's jacket are fanarts, summaries of Candy Candy's history and its impact in France, along with the lyrics to the Japanese and French music. The webmistress Sophie of, is also credited for her contributions to this precious CD! More detailed information on this product can be found HERE.

New Candy Candy BGM released!

Just when we thought we would never see any new Candy Candy merchandise, this wonderful news arrived from Japan! Nippon Columbia, Ltd. released the COMPLETE Candy Candy SONG & BGM Collection as part of their "Columbia Sound Treasure Series" on September 30, 2015! It is a 3-disc CD album filled with songs from the 1992 Candy Candy OVA CD, BGM tracks composed by Takeo Watanabe taken from the 1981 LP - TV Original Candy Candy BGM Collection, along with never before recorded and published BGMs from the anime series!


There are 112 tracks in all and the song titles (in japanese) can be found here at their website:

You can now preorder the CD from various online stores (¥ 4,200 and up):

More detailed information on this product can be found HERE.