Candy Candy Novels

The original "Candy Candy Novel" is composed of 3 volumes and was first published in hardcover by Kodansha Ltd. between May, 1978 and April, 1979. The last volume was issued after the completion of the serialized manga and the last broadcasted episode of the anime series from TOEI. (See a compilation of the Candy Candy Publication and Air Dates for comparisons.)

Kyoko Mizuki (水木 杏子) -- a pen name for Keiko Nagita (木田 恵子) -- wrote the novel based on over 2000 pages of original manuscript that was condensed into 600 pages. Since the story is not a novelization of the manga, there are scenes and events that are written differently or excluded completely in the novel version. In the afterword of Volume 1, the author acknowledges the differences and asks her readers to regard Candy in the novel as different from the manga because she wanted to portray Candy in her own way.

Yumiko Igarashi (いがらし ゆみこ) shared the copyright ownership in this first edition with Kyoko Mizuki. The two "mothers of Candy" initially collaborated in the early storyline, description and names of some characters. The first page of each volume is a colored illustration taken from Igarashi's Candy Candy Nakayoshi Deluxe Album artbooks. Mizuki also wrote a short poem for the colored illustrations in Volumes 1 and 2.  In the chapters of each volume are drawings from the manga depicting the scenes described. You can read some of her poems HERE.

Candy Candy Novels (1978) Hardcover Edition
© Keiko Nagita

Volume 1 (May 8, 1978)

Volume 2 (November 24, 1978)

Volume 3 (April 30, 1979)

In 1990, the novel was also republished in 3 Volumes, this time in paperback edition under her own name Keiko Nagita. Although the manga images were kept, Igarashi's colored illustrations were excluded. The manga artist is also not listed as a joint copyright holder in this 1990 edition.

Candy Candy Novels (1990) Paperback Edition
© Keiko Nagita

Volume 1 (February 10, 1990)

Volume 2 (March 10, 1990)

Volume 3 (April 10, 1990)

Because the Candy Candy novel was printed soley in japanese and sold exclusively in Japan, its story was virtually unknown to many international fans. It was only until the late 1990's and early 2000s, when japanese Candy fans began sharing their knowledge of the novel's contents with global fans through the internet, that the novel's existence came to light. Due to Candy's enduring popularity in European, Asian, and Latin Amercian countries and the surging nostalgic interest, fans world-wide rallied to sign an online petition for the republication of the novel through The overwhelmiing signatures they received encouraged Fukkan to begin negotiations with Nagita, which ultimately led to the republication of her Candy Candy novel (in hardcover) through Book-Ing in September 2003! A year later in August 2004, a new paperback edition was published by

Candy Candy Novel (2003/2004)
© Keiko Nagita 

    Sept. 5, 2003 Hardback 

Aug. 10, 2004 Paperback

The three previous volumes were combined into a single volume for this 2003 edition and this time Igarashi's manga images were entirely removed. Royalties from the hardcover edition worth 275,500 yen were donated to Nagita's charity.

In this republication, Nagita didn't write an afterword, but a handwritten preface in which she states: ", I see people who voted to republish the novel of Candy Candy at the site are twinkling stars of WWW Galaxy" (source: New Candy Novel). Despite its renewed popularity and the author's expressed wish for a foreign translation, an official translation of the original novels in english and other foreign languages (with the exception of Korea) has never been approved by the japanese publishers.

Korean Candy Candy Novels (1988 -- 1989)
Publisher: Jigyongsa (지경사)

July 30,1988
Volume 1

July 30, 1988
Volume 2

January 20, 1989
Volume 3


Korean Candy Candy Novels (January, 2007)
Publisher: Bible (성경)

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

It's not known whether Mizuki had authorized the Korean publicaton in 2007. Online Korean bookstores have erroneously credited Igarashi as the author for this re-edition.

On October 25, 2007, Nagita approved a digital version of the Candy Candy Novel. The e-book was published by Chikochika (チーコチーカ) and distributed through the electronic bookstore Papyless (パピレス).

Contents of the Original Candy Candy Novel

Although the author claims the novel is not a sequel to the manga, there are new events described in the letters of the 3rd volume that occur beyond the ending of the manga. The 1st volume closely follows the manga storyline, beginning with Candy's childhood at Pony's Orphanage, her meeting with the Prince on the Hill, her abuse under the Lagan household, and her adoption into the Ardlay family up until Anthony Brown's tragic accident.  The 2nd volume continues the story with her voyage to England to attend school at St. Paul's Academy. While enduring the trials and adversities of school life, Candy's relationship with Terry Granchester begin to grow into romantic love. The volume ends with Candy's decision to leave the Academy and return to America to forge her own path. The 3rd volume consists entirely of Candy's letters to her family, friends and past acquaintances. What became of the lives of the main and supporting characters is revealed through these undated letters from Candy.

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