Listen to the voices of Candy, Terry, and Annie in different languages!

  Candy & Annie's English Voices (dubbers unknown; audio extract from the CC Video produced in 1981 by ZIV International): First episode--Candy & Annie's Birthday! Hear the orphan children at Pony's Home singing "Happy Birthday" to Candy and Annie! Notice the background music is also different from the original.

Candy & Terry's Japanese Voices (dubbed by Minori Matsushima as Candy and Kei Tomiyama as Terry; audio extract from the Japanese CC TOEI video) : Scotland episode where Terry takes Candy on a horseride to help her rid her fear of horses and to heal from Anthony's death. I grew up listening to these anime voices of Candy and Terry...

Candy & Terry's French Voices (dubbed by Amélie Morin as Candy and Thierry Bourdon as Terry; audio extract from the French-produced CC video): Episode where Candy rushes to see Terry at South Hampton port as he is leaving for America. When you hear Candy crying out the words: " t'aime..." and she cries in the end, your heart will just melt!

Candy & Terry's Spanish Voices (dubbed by Cecilia Gispert as Candy and Antonio Lara as Terry; audio extract from the Spanish-produced CC video): Episode where Candy first gives Terry a harmonica at "pretend Pony's Hill."  Terry's voice sounds a bit more "mature" in this audio.

Candy & Terry's Russian Voices (all CC character voices including Candy and Terry dubbed by Eleonora Prokhnitskaya-until episode 35, then Ludmila Ivanova; audio extract from the Russian-produced CC video) Spasibo to Lenachan, CC webmistress for for this clip: Episode where Terry is playing his harmonica on the tree and Candy arrives to scold him. Notice the "feminine" sounding voices of both Candy and Terry! You can also hear the russian voices dubbed over the original japanese ones.

Candy & Terry's Italian Voices (dubbed by Laura Boccanera as Candy and Massimo Rossi as Terry; audio extract from the Candy & Terry Italian Movie): Episode where Candy arrives at the train station in New York to meet Terry! When Candy says "Terrence..." and Terry says "Oh Candy..." you can hear the emotion in their voices revealing the depth of their joy at seeing each other again!

Candy & Terry's Chinese Voices (dubbers unknown; audio extract from the Chinese-produced CC OVA "Call of Spring"): Scene from the OVA where Candy first gives Terry a harmonica. You should hear Terry LAUGH in this one! HILARIOUS!

Candy & Terry's Greek Voices (dubbed by Matina Karra as Candy and Argiris Pavlidis as Terry; audio extract from Greek-produced CC Video) Efharisto to Candicted and Death2Eliza for the clip and info: Episode where Candy and Terry first meet in the cruise ship Mauritania heading towards England! Love how Terry laughs in this one! The voice actor (Argiris Pavlidis) also dubbed Anthony and is very popular and much admired in Greece!

Candy & Terry's Korean Voices (dubbed by Kim Jin Suk as Candy and Kwon Hyeok Su as Terry; audio extract from Korean-produced CC Video) Kahmsahamnida to Pinetree for the info: Episode where Terry notices Candy has a cut on her arm and then uses his scarf to bandage it. How sweet!

Candy & Terry's Turkish Voices (dubbed by Yesim KOPAN (TRT), Mine MEDYA (Kanal D and Star Tv) as Candy and Salih UZUNER (TRT), Murat INAL as Terry); audio extract from Turkey-produced CC Video.) Tesekkür ederim to Lella, CC webmistress of for the use of her video: Episode where Candy dresses up as Juliet and is caught unawares when she notices Terry up on the tree watching her! Uh-oh!