TG's French Voice Actor "Thierry Bourdon"

Thierry Bourdon is a popular and well-known voice actor in France who dubbed numerous films, anime and live TV series.  Like his namesake Terry, he started his career in the theater and was offered his first role at age 17 as the mesmerizing voice of Terry Granchester! Aside from his work in Candy Candy, he also dubbed the major and supporting characters in several animes such as Albator 78 and 84, Harlock Saga, Gundam  Seed, and Dragonball Z. A more complete list of his accomplishments can be found here. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the harpsichord and singing, and had even recorded a few albums.

Below is a clip of Thierry Bourdon and Amélie Morin (the french voice of Candy) in a rare public interview together taken during an anime conference in Paris, France (June, 2004).

Details of this event can be found in Sophie's French CC website at this link!

The French "Candy and Terry" at the Japan Expo in Paris!
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