Terence Graham Granchester's Profile & Biography

Also known as: Terry, Terrius, Terrence, Terruce

Current stage name : Terence Graham (テリュース・グレアム)
(renounced his "Granchester" surname when he left England for America

Date of Birth : January 28th, 1897

Parents: Terry was born out of wedlock to Eleanor Baker, a famous American actress and the Duke Richard D. Grandchester. Despite his parents separating when he was a young child, he remembers spending an early childhood summer with them in Scotland. According to his mother, she had wanted to remain with him and his father, but she was unable to do so(2). His father had taken him away and abandoned his mother(3), who then returned to America and worked as a successful actress. His father married and had children with the new Duchess of Granchester, who continually derided him due to his illegitimate birth(4). In the winter of 1911, he went to America hoping to reconnect with his mother. Instead, he was abruptly rejected by her and was told to keep their relationship a secret and return to England(5). Regretting her actions, his mother went to Scotland in the summer of 1912 to reconcile with her son(6).

Father : Duke Richard D. Grandchester (リチャード・D・グランチェスター)

Mother : Eleanor Baker (エレノア・ベーカー)

Stepmother : Duchess of Grandchester (グランチェスター公爵夫人)

Siblings : Terry has two younger half-brothers and one younger half-sister on his father's side. Their names are unknown. (Webmistress note: In the CC Final Story, only one brother and one sister is mentioned(7).)

Past education : Terry attended the Royal St. Paul's Academy in England, a school that has a long history with the Granchester family. His ancestors had founded the Academy and had even built the existing church(8). Although he had a tendancy to break the school rules, he managed to have excellent grades(9).During the school year, he fell in love with Candy, whom he first met on a ship sailing to England on New Year's Eve, 1911(10). He expelled himself from the school at the end of the year 1912, in order to protect Candy and allow her to remain in the Academy(11). Outside Candy's detention cell, he expressed regret at not being old enough so he could take Candy and leave the Academy together(12). Before leaving, Terry left a short note to Candy telling her that he was departing for America and wishing for her happiness(13).

Occupation/Career : After his arrival in America, Terry immediately found acting work with the Stratford Troupe in New York. His first role as an actor was the King of France in the Shakespearean play "King Lear"(14) around the fall of 1914. He received great reviews and recognition for his performance and later earned the lead role as Romeo in the play "Romeo and Juliet"(15). After his heartbreaking separation from Candy (estimated winter 1916), his acting began to suffer and the critics panned him with negative reviews. It was rumored that he was thrown out of work(16), so he left Broadway and ended up performing in a circus tent in Rockstown around the fall of 1917. However, after seeing a "vision" of Candy during his awful performance, he pulled himself together(17) and returned to Broadway to revive his acting career. Some years later, he made a comeback playing "Hamlet" with two long successful runs and the play would go on to show in Britain(18).

Past engagement : Before her death, Terry was engaged to Susanna Marlowe(19), a broadway actress who was obsessedly in love with him. When she had discovered that Terry was in love with Candy, Susanna had tried to obstruct their relationship by lying to Candy about Terry's true whereabouts in Chicago and stealing Candy's letters to Terry (20). During the stage rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet, a stagelight fell and Susanna was injured while saving Terry. Due to the severity of her wounds, she had to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life(21). (Webmistress note: In the CC Final Story, the author did not specify that Susanna had lost her leg, as it happened in the manga and anime.) Consequently, Terry and Candy were forced to make the painful choice to break up so he could remain beside Susanna, who had tried to commit suicide by falling off the hospital roof(22). After their separation, rumors of Terry's engagement to Susanna began surfacing in magazine articles, not long after America entered the first World War (April, 2017)(23). Years afterwards, Susanna passed away after losing her battle to an unknown illness(24). (Webmistress note: No reason was given as to why they never married, but it's highly well-known that Terry never stopped loving Candy. In the manga Vol. 7, pg. 124, Terry states: "My feelings (for Candy) won't probably change... no matter what happens." [ おれの気持ちは かわらないだろう。。。なにがおこっても。] These same sentiments echo in a letter Terry sent to Candy (CCFS Vol. 2, pg. 283) about a year and a half after Susanna's death .)

Susanna Marlowe (スザナ・マーロウ)

Pastime/Hobby : Terry enjoys playing the piano(25) and the harmonica which Candy had offered to help him stop smoking (anime/manga). He is also skilled in sword-fighting and horseback riding (anime/manga).

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UPDATE: Keiko Nagita, author of Candy Candy Final Story (2010), announced the official spelling of Terry's name to be "Terence Granchester" in the italian edition of the Candy Candy Final Story (November, 2014).

Terry's Complete Nakayoshi Profile

~ Page 1 ~

The Thorough Analysis

The Entirety of Terry

★ He was born on January 28, 1897.
★ 一八九七年一月二十八日生まれ。

Terence G. Granchester is his real name.

He was born to a prestigious British aristocracy,
but is not the son of the legitimate wife.

He has a lonely personality and does not get along well with his stepmother.

In his St. Paul Academy days, he was a notorious rebellious child, but for the sake of Candy, he left the Academy to go to America…

★ His mother is the famous American actress, Eleanor Baker.
★ 母はアメリカの有名女優、エレノア・ベーカー。

Although he repels her, deep in his heart he loves his mother.

Stepmother = Mrs. Granchester
義母 = グランチェスター夫人

Father = Duke Granchester
父 = グランチェスター公爵

Mother = Eleanor
母 = エレノア

His greatest memory is one summer he spent with Candy in Scotland.


~ Page 2 ~

Terry looks good in his riding clothes.

★ Athletic Abilities
★ 運動神経 

Swimming, horseback riding, fighting… and whatever comes along.

He is good at sports!

Hair Color = Chestnut
髪の色 = くり色

Eye Color = Greenish Blue
目の色 = 緑がかったブルー

Height = 173cm
身長 = 173センチ

Weight = 53kg
体重 = 53キロ

Bust = 90cm
バスト = 90センチ

Waist = 70cm
ウエスト = 70センチ

Hip = 89cm
ヒップ = 89センチ

Leg Length = 84cm
足の長さ = 84センチ

Shoe Size = 25.5cm
足のサイズ = 25.5センチ

★ He has a great liking for Shakespeare and has a burning passion for the theater, probably because he inherited his mother's blood.
★ 母の血をうけてか、シェークスピアが大すきで、

He has crossed to America where he is now on his path of becoming an actor.

Zodiac Sign = Aquarius
星座 = みずがめ座 

Blood Type = A B
みずがめ座 = AB型

Favorite thing = Grapefruit eats daily
すきなもの = グレープフルーツ
日 度はたべたの 

Favorite flower = Violet
すきな花 = すみれ

Dislikes = Sweet things
きらいなもの = あまいものはヌメ

Favorite color = Black
すきな色 = 黒

Hobbies = Horse-riding
趣味 = 乗馬

In the CC Final Story Vol. 2, pg. 56, Terry admits to Candy in the piano room 
that he likes freckles!

"Oh, I'm envious... I like freckles."
[ ああ,うらやましいよ。。。 そばかすが好きなんだ ]

Reference : Terry's complete character profile is taken from the "Nakayoshi Manga Shinbun" insert that came with the June 1977 Nakayoshi comic magazine.

Nakayoshi Manga Shinbun


Special THANKS and ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS to both Lady Gato for her scan of Nakayoshi's character profile of Terry and to Holly for the english translation of the Japanese text!

Present Information :

Current relationship : It is widely believed that Terry reunited and married Candice White Ardlay, after sending her a letter revealing that he (or rather his feelings for her) had not changed, a year and half after Susanna's death(26).

Candice (Candy) White Ardlay (キャンディス・ホワイト・アードレー)

Current status/residence : It is rumored that Terry is living happily with Candy in a home situated near the Avon River (presumably in England) and that he is most likely working as an actor at the Royal Shakespeare Theater at Stratford-Upon-Avon, England.

Current news : A very popular belief is that Candy was referring to Terry as "anohito" (あのひと) whenever she reminisced about her past.

Reference :
(26) Candy Candy Final Story (2010), Vol. 2, pg.283 (Terry's Letter to Candy)

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