And the OSCAR goes to...

Terry Grandchester wins the Oscar!

erence G. Granchester (TGG) quickly became a rising star on Broadway since he first took on the role as the "King of France" in the Shakespeare play King Lear. His immense talent on stage quickly captured the attention of audience and drew praise from the critics. It came as no surprise when he easily landed the leading role as "Romeo" in his next Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. His performance in this last play earned him much accolade and media recognition which eventually launched his acting career into Hollywood films!

As his self-appointed PA (personal assistant/work slave) and publicist, I've been assigned to manage CandyTerry Productions, the movie studio of TGG Enterprise as well as promote the latest posters of his newest action & adventure and romance films for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy watching our favorite actor in his latest roles with his only leading lady, Candice White!

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