International Translations of "Candy & Terry's Kiss in Scotland"

Who remembers Candy and Terry's first kiss in Scotland? It was an unforgettable and mesmerizing moment for many Candyfans around the globe! But which version did you actually see? Well, that would depend on which country you were living in at that time and in which language the series was subtitled or dubbed.

In comparing notes from the international translations of "The Kiss", we've noticed some striking similarities and differences! Certain translations were actually more romantic and passionate than others. As you read and compare the following translations, you can delight in the many ways that Candy and Terry first kissed!

Click for bigger view of the KISS (cel's eye view)!

And for your viewing pleasure, enjoying watching this fanmade video of what SHOULD have happened when Terry kissed Candy that summer in Scotland!


A great MAHALO, MERCI BEAUCOUP, GRACIAS, GRAZIE, ARIGATO, TESEKKUR EDERIM, & SPASIBO to the dear CC Ladies who translated "Candy & Terry's First Kiss" in english!

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