Turkish to English translation by Lella

Terry: Candy, do you like dancing ?

Candy: Terry..

Terry: It'd be one of your memories of Scotland, huh?

They begin to dance but Terry stops.

Candy: aa.. But why did you stop now? (She looks at Terry) Terry..

Terry kisses Candy and she slaps him.

Candy: You are very bad. Yes, you are not a good person for me. You...

Terry slaps Candy.

Candy: HAA!

Terry: Did you really mean that? Tell me, now you are sure about it, aren't you?

Candy: Yes, you are very bad!

She slaps her again.

Terry: I just want to be myself, do you understand?

Candy: You are a rude man. I hate you. This is very true...

The narrator: Candy began to cry... She wouldn't be able to see him again. In fact, Candy would never be able to forget his fying hair in autumn, during her life. Even if she said that she hated him, she was madly in love with him but she could have never confessed it.