Spanish to English translation by Ana Luisa (Lady Gato)

Woman narrating: Candy is more and more confused by Terry’s double face. Was he an angel or a demon? Or both at the same time? Did he want to be himself, like she wanted to be herself in the middle of restrains surrounding him?

Candy and Terry are on the grass, looking up into the sky

Terry: You know, I think that airplane was the spring of my father’s life

Candy: Your father?

Terry: During the time that my father was flying, he fell in love with an American lady…and I was born…after that, he stopped flying and he refused to marry my mother

Candy: Why did he do that?

Terry: He did it because nobility is in his blood…but not me…I’m against it! I only want to be myself my whole life.

Candy: (in her head) He’s not a bad kid…he just wants to be himself.

Terry: Candy, do you want to dance?

Candy: Terry?

Terry: So that you will remember Scotland.

They dance for a bit, then he stops.

Candy: What are you doing, Terry? (to herself in her head) Terry…

Terry pulls Candy into him and they kiss….and kiss….and kiss….and kiss… and then

SLAP!!! Candy lands one on Terry.

Candy: Uh!! You are bad…very bad! Bad for me but not bad for women!!

Terry: (grunts) NnHHH! as he slaps her.

Candy: (sobs out loud) Oohhhh!

Terry: If you are really mean that, you better tell me why you say so!!


Candy slaps Terry again.

Terry: (grunts) Ohhh!! I’m only trying to be myself!

Candy: You are nothing but a d*mn miscreant!! I hate you!! I HATE YOU!!

The Narrator Lady: Candy’s eyes are filled with tears…she can’t see a thing…however, she can feel her hair stir in the autumn breeze