Russian to English translation by Aleksandra

Candy and Terry were sitting together on the bank of the lake.

Terry: This plane was the greatest joy in my father’s life

Candy: Your father?

Terry: Yes. Someday he used to pilot it. My father fell in love with American woman
and I was born. First he stopped flights, then he left my mother."

Candy: Why?

Terry: He always wanted to live as a nobleman. I’m against it. I just want to be myself

Candy: (thinking) He’s a nice boy. He’s just trying to be himself.

Terry: Candy! (stands up) Let’s dance?

Candy: Terry…

Terry: I want you to remember Scotland for ever.

They were dancing… Terry suddenly stopped and Candy hit her nose into his chest.

Candy: Why did you stop, Terry?

Terry didn’t answer, but didn’t take his eyes of her either.

Candy: Terry…

Next moment he kissed her. A beautiful moment… How long will it be? But the more enchanting the moment, the more painful… the slap Terry received.

Candy: (stepping back) Delinquent! No, you’re awful only with me, you’re different with other girls!

Terry couldn’t restrain himself and slapped her back.

Terry: You really think so? (shouting) Why are you so sure?

Candy: Because you’re really like that!

Terry: I… I am just trying to be myself!…

Candy: You’re heartless and rude, I hate you!

Candy burst into tears. She didn’t notice anything around her. Strange feelings invaded her. She was so insulted by Terry’s behaviour, but… it was so pleasant… She was standing and crying, and cold autumn wind was tousling Terry’s hair.