Japanese to English translation by Vivian

Candy and Terry were sitting on the grass looking out onto the lake.

Terry: The plane probably must have been like the spirit of my father's youth.

Candy: Your father?

Terry: During the time that my father flew around in that plane, he loved an American woman and so I was born. My father stopped flying. He didn't marry my real mother.

Candy: Why was it like that?

Terry: Because he couldn't throw away his "blue blood" heritage. I don't want to live the kind of life my father lived. I always want to be truthful to myself.

Candy: (thinking) Terry is not a delinquent. He's just trying to be truthful to himself.

Terry: (stands ups suddenly) Candy! Let's dance!

Candy: Terry?

Terry: In memory of Scotland...

They leisurely dance the waltz until Terry suddenly stops dancing and Candy bumps into his chest.

Candy: Why did you stop all of a sudden? Terry?...

Terry: (gives her an intense look for a second then leans over and kisses her)

SLAP!!!--from Candy (who was standing on her tiptoes)

Candy: (tears falling) Delinquent!!! That's rude! You're really a delinquent just as I thought! You're a delinquent and playboy!!

Terry: (slaps back) You say I'm a playboy. You say I'm a delinquent! How would you know?

Candy: (slaps back) I call you a delinquent because YOU ARE A DELINQUENT!!

Terry: I was only being truthful to myself.

Candy: (tears falling) You're rude and rough!! Terry I hate you! I really hate you!

The couple stood apart in hostility while continuing to stare at each other.

Anime narrator: The tears welled up in Candy's eyes and blurred her vision so that she couldn't see anything. But...the wind that stirred Terry's hair was slightly chilly. It was a sign of the coming of Autumn...