Turkish to English translation by Lella

Episode 31:

Candy: (thinking) Aah, fog appeared. It is really cold. And the fog is quite thick. Stear and Archie must be curious about me. When they are next to me, there is no need to be sad at all.

Her scarf flies because of the wind.

Candy: Ah..

She sees someone and approaches him.

Candy: (thinking) Ah... There is someone.

She thinks he's Anthony.

Candy: (thinking) Anthony!

The narrator: Candy held her breathe with fear. It was as if Anthony was standing in front of her.

Candy: (thinking)  But this can't happen. Anthony... He looks like Anthony a lot, especially when we look from behind. Anthony! This can't happen, it's impossible!

She approaches him more.

Candy: (thinking) He isn't blond. And he's taller than Anthony... He is crying!

She tries to leave there but the young man notices her.

Terry: Is someone there?

Candy: Ye... Yes. I tried to talk to you but as I saw that you were sad, I didn't want to disturb you.

Terry: Sad? You are so attentive. So I am sad, huh?

He begins to laugh.

Candy: (thinking) I saw that he was crying. I wonder if I made a mistake ?.. No, I didn't. I'm sure he was crying.

Terry: Your imaginative power is very strong, did you know that, freckled girl?

Candy: Freckled?

Terry appoaches her.

Terry: So what? Do you mean you don't have a freckled face? I'm sorry for you, really.

Candy: What a boldness! Besides, I'm pleased with my freckles, ok?

Terry: Huh, I understand, that's why you've put a lot of freckles to your face.

Candy: You are right. Now I was thinking where I can find more freckles.

Terry: Oh oh oh!

Candy: You must be jealous of me. After all, you don't any freckles at all, do you?

Terry whistles.

Terry: Huh, so you must be proud of your little nose too.

Candy: Of course I do!

George comes.

George: Miss Candy? Ah, were you here , Miss Candy?

Terry: Bye, freckled lady!

He leaves there.

Candy: You impolite!

George: Miss Candy, let's not stand here. Otherwise, you'll have influenza.

Candy: Hum... George... Who was this boy?

George: Do you know Mr Grandchester?

Candy: So this was Mr Grandchester?

George: Yes. He's from a noble family of England.

Candy: Noble? He?

George: What did he do to you?

Candy: Humm... Nothing. I've just mistaken him for Anthony when I looked from behind, that's all.

George: Mr Anthony ?

Candy: I thought so when I saw him in the fog. An instant, he seemed to be Anthony. However, Anthony was much more handsome.

George: Miss Candy, let's go back to our cabin...


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