Spanish (Argentine version) to English translation by
Ana Luisa (Lady Gato)

Episode 31: "Un nuevo dia en una vieja ciudad"

Candy steps out onto the Mauretania’s promenade.

Candy: (in her head) It’s so foggy! It’s so cold and the fog is getting thicker. Stear and Archie will be waiting for me when I arrive in England…I will always be happy when I’m with them…

A breeze takes Candy’s wrap from her.

Candy: Oh!

The wrap flutters away from Candy and she chases it. She stops when see sees a figure.

Candy: (in her head) Oh… someone is there.

Candy thinks it’s Anthony

Candy: (in her head) Anthony!

Narrator Lady: Candy doesn’t even dare breathe.

Candy: (in her head) He looks just like Anthony…but I’m sure he will disappear any minute.

Candy goes over for a closer look.

Candy: (in her head) Anthony!! Oh no, it can’t be possible…he’s not blonde and he’s taller than Anthony…he’s crying!

Candy turns to leave.

Terry: Is someone there?

Candy: Oh, yes…Please excuse me…I didn’t mean to bother you….I thought you looked very sad!

Terry: That I looked very sad? That's not true…I’m VERY sad (he’s saying this last part mockingly)

Terry starts laughing his head off

Candy: (in her head) I thought he was crying! Did I make a mistake?

Terry is still laughing.

Candy: (in her head) No, I’m positive…he was crying

Terry: What are you daydreaming about, little Freckly Face? (in Spanish, this is the famous nickname he gave her and uses from then on "Pequeña Pecosa" which doesn’t translate cleanly into English)

Candy: Freckly, me?

Terry: I hate to tell you, little one, but you really are freckly

Candy: I don’t care about that! I really like freckles

Terry: Now I understand!!! That’s why you collect them!!

Candy: Yes, I do and lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to get more!!!

Terry: Well good for you!

Candy: You’re jealous because you don’t any Freckles, huh?!!

Terry: Pheweee!!! And you’re also proud of that nose, aren’t you?


George: Is that you, Miss Candy?

Terry: Bye, Freckly!! (this should translate to Freckles which is Pecas in Spanish, but he uses Pecosa, so its Freckly)

Candy: You uncouth snot head!

George: Don’t say out here Miss Candy, it’s too cold

Candy: George, the young man that was here…who is he?

George: You know Mr. Grantchester?

Candy: No, I don’t know that name

George: It is one of the noble families of England

Candy: Who would have thought!!

George: Did he do something to you?

Candy: Nothing.... when I saw him from behind, he looked a lot like Anthony

George: Like Mr. Anthony?

Candy: Yes, but just from behind….seeing him front on…Anthony was more handsome…much more handsome…


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