Spanish (Castillian version) to English translation by
Ana Luisa (Lady Gato)

Episode 31: "Un nuevo dia en una vieja ciudad"

Candy: It can't be, its Anthony!

Narrator: Candy's breath catches in surprise when she thinks she sees Anthony on the promenade of the ship that is taking her to London

Candy: He looks like Anthony...the same from behind...looks like he would dissapear at any moment. Anthony, oh no! It's can't be...he's not blonde and he's taller than Anthony. He's crying.

Terry: Wait. Who are you?

Candy: Sorry. When I saw you all alone out here I have felt the need to talk to you but I did not want to bother seem to be sad.

Terry: Well! Don't tell me that you can see sadness in my face...that's utter nonsense! (breaks out in laughter)

Candy: (in her head as Terry is laughing his head off) I'm sure that I saw him cry...but maybe I was wrong. No, I do't think so, I'm sure I'm positive that I saw him crying!

Terry: I think you have a huge imagination, freckled girl.

Candy: Uh? Freckled Girl?

Terry: Well, truth be told, you have a face full of freckles, or haven't you ever seen yourself in the mirror? Heh! I'm sorry little one...

Candy: Bu..But how dare you!? For your information, I like having freckles!

Terry: MMM! I can tell, and I see that you have built up a collection

Candy: Exactly! Imagine, I like them so much so that I am thinking about how to get some more
Terry: Well, well well!

Candy: I'll wager you are jealous of me because you don't have any, isn't that so?

Terry: Fiuuuuu! As far as I can tell you probably are proud of that flat nose of yours, am I right?

Candy: Definitely! Of course I am!

George: Miss Candy, when you want, you can return back to your stateroom

Terry: See you later, freckle face!

Candy: You have no manners!!

George: Miss Candy, don't stay out on deck...with the humidity you can catch a cold

Candy: George, do you know who is the boy that was with me?

George: I believe it's Mr. Grantchester

Candy: I think I've heard about him. Is he a nobleman?

George: Yes, he is a member of one of the most known families of the British nobility

Candy: Well! You wouldn't know that he was from a noble family!

George: Has he been ill-behaved?

Candy: No, its just that when I saw him from behind his back, I remembered Anthony

George: You remember him a lot, Miss?

Candy: Of course it has been a brief mistake...Anthony was much more handsome...much more...oh, there is no comparison...

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