Russian to English translation by Aleksandra

Episode 31: "Кенди в Лондоне"

Candy went out to the deck.

Candy: Oh, what a fog!.. It's so cold here and the fog is thickening...

Candy: (remembering her friends) Stear, Archie, I wonder how are you? We'll meet soon...

The wind tore away her shawl. She stretched her hand to reach it and saw somebody... The figure seemed familiar...

Candy: Oh my God... Anthony??

She was hardly breathing.

Candy: He is so much like Anthony... Especially from his back... What if he disappears?..

Candy: (slowly approaching him) No, it's impossible... He's not blond, and he's taller than Anthony... He's crying! (noticing tears in the stranger's eyes)

The girl's steps were hardly audible, but the young man noticed, than he was no longer alone.

Terry: Who's there?

Candy turned around.

Candy: I wanted to talk to you, but didn't dare, because you look so sad...

Terry: Sad?? What a nonsense!! I look sad? (laughing)

Candy: But I saw you crying... Can it be I was wrong? (wondering to herself) No, I can't be wrong, I saw him crying.

Terry: What are you making up, Freckled Girl?

Candy: (stunned) What did you say?

Terry: Don't you have freckles? I'm sorry for you.

Candy: It's none of your business! (getting angry) I like freckles very much!

Terry: I see. So you collected them on purpose?

Candy: Sure, I did! And now I'm thinking how to get even more!

Terry: Oh...

Candy: You're probably envious, 'cause you don't have any! (deciding to assume the offensive)

The boy whistled.

Terry: Probably you're proud of your pug-nose too?

Candy: Of course!

George: Miss Candy... (interrupting their discussion)

The stranger decides to disappear.

Terry: Bye, Lady Freckles!

Candy: You!

George: Miss Candy, don't stay here, you might catch a cold.

Candy: George, tell me, this boy...

George: You know Mr. Grandchester? His family is one of the most noble in England.

Candy: Noble?

George: What did he do?

Candy: Nothing... It just seemed to me he was like Anthony... But Anthony was different, he was much better than him... Better than anyone...

Candy approached handrails.

George: Miss Candy, you'd better return to the cabin...

Candy: What a thick fog... I feel as if I were in the Wonderland. It seems if I stay here, Anthony will come to me...

Candy was looking far away...


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