Japanese to English translation by Kayoko-san

Episode 31: "古い都の新しい日" (A new day in the old capitol)

Outer deck of the ship, windy and foggy...Candy chases her green scarf...

Candy: (thinking in her mind) Someone is there.....ANTHONY!!

Narration: On the outer deck aboard the ship to London, Candy gasped.

Candy: (thinking in her mind) Looks like him...Anthony..the backside of him which almost seems to disappear into thin air...looks so much like him...Impossible!!! ANTHONY!! It cannot be!! He isn't blonde, and plus he is taller than Anthony....Crying?

Sound of fog horn...

Terry: Is someone out there?

Candy: Y... yes I'm sorry...I was going to say something to you, but you seemed so sad...

Terry: Seemed sad? That is so great that you thought I was sad. hahahahahaha (laughing).

Candy: ( thinking in her mind) Did I make a mistake thinking he was crying? (Terry still laughing hard)...No, that's not it, he truly was crying!

Terry: Were you maybe dreaming or something Ms. Freckles (Sobakasu chan)

Candy: Ms. Freckles?

Terry looks closer into Candy's face.

Terry: Wow how gorgeous!! You have the face within the field of freckles!! I feel sorry for you!

Candy: No thanks to you, I happen to love my freckles!!

Terry: Oh, so that's why you collected them all.

Candy: Oh yes! And I am even wondering how I could gather more of them in the future!!

Terry: Oh dear.

Candy: And I bet you are jealous that you don't even have one on you, aren't you?

(Terry whistles)

Terry: In that case, does that mean you are also proud of your small nose?

Candy: Of...Of course! 

George: (approaches them) Ms. Candice...


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