Italian to English translation by Kiara

Episode 31 : "La lunga traversata"

Candy steps out onto the Mauretania’s promenade.

Candy: (in her head) It’s so foggy! It’s so cold and the fog is getting thicker. Stear and Archie will be waiting for me when I arrive in England…I will always be happy when I’m with them…

A breeze takes Candy’s wrap from her.

Candy: Oh!

The wrap flutters away from Candy and she chases it. She stops when see sees a figure.

Candy: Heaven, there’s someone over there… Anthony!…He looks just like Anthony, from behind…No, it’s no possible, he can’t be him. He’s not blond, and he’s taller than him. He’s crying….

Candy turns to leave

Terry: Wait, don’t leave …

Candy: Well, I just got closer to talk to you, but than I didn’t say anything, ‘cause I saw you looked sad….

Terry: What, me sad? You just got wrong, because I’m never sad…ah ah ah (Terry starts to laugh loudly)

Candy: (in her head) But I saw him crying…Maybe I’m wrong. No, I’m not wrong, he was really crying.

Terry: I think you daydreamed , Freckles.

Candy: What??? Freckles?

Terry: My little darling, you can’t deny you have some freckles in your face, I’m sorry for you, but that’s true.

Candy: You don’t have to try to be funny, ‘cause I’m very fond of my freckles.

Terry: So, you are a collector of freckles?

Candy: That’s right, and I’ve been trying to figure out where to get more!

Terry: (mockingly) Have a nice search, my dear!

Candy: I see, you’re jealous ‘cause you haven’t any freckle in your face!

Terry: Pheweee!!!….so you must be proud of your little nose too, aren’t you?

Candy: Of course I am!

George: Miss Candy, I was worried for you!

Terry: Goodbye, Freckles!

Candy:: Goodbye, you unpleasant guy!

George: Miss Candy, please don’t stay outside, you’ll get sick.

Candy: Mr George, do you know that boy?

George: Of course, that’s Mr Granchester.

Candy: Is that his name, Granchester?

George: Yes, he belongs to one of the noblest families of England.

Candy: What? I’d never say…

George: Why? What did he do to you?

Candy: Nothing…when I saw him from behind I thought he looked like my dear Anthony…

George: Mr Anthony?

Candy: Yes Mr George, just him..but Anthony was much kinder than that boy…Anthony was extraordinary.

George: Miss Candy, let’s go back to our cabins.

Candy: It’s so foggy, I feel like I’m dreaming…I prefer staying here, I’m enjoying here. Please leave me here.


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