Greek to English translation by Eleonor

Episode 31 :

Candy: There’s someone there… Anthony… is it you?

Narrator Lady: Candy held her breath shocked, on board the ship that was taking her to London.

Candy: He looks like Anthony… Especially when you look at him from behind!

She slowly walks towards him.

Candy: (thinking) He looks like he is about to vanish at any moment… Anthony no! It’s impossible… Anthony… it’s no possible… He’s taller than Anthony!

Terry: (crying)

Candy: Oh… but he is crying…!

Candy turns to leave, but Terry turns around and sees her.

Terry: Is someone there?

Candy: Uh….yeah… I tried to talk to you but you were looking very sad and I didn’t want to disturb, so…

Terry: I was looking sad?

Candy: (thinking) I thought I saw him crying but maybe I was mistaken… no I was not mistaken, I am sure he was crying!

Terry: But what are you talking about Miss Freckles, can you tell me, eh?

Candy:Miss Freckles???

Terry: Do you know, your face is really full of freckles, don’t you agree? I am really sorry for this, of course, my little one!

Candy:(angrily) How dare you say this, eh? I like my freckles!!! How rude!

Terry: Oh, I see! Do you mean to say you put them there yourself?

Candy: Precisely! And now I am actually trying to figure out how to put some more freckles on…!

Terry: (mockingly, while still scrutinizing her face closely) I see, I see!

Candy: You should be jealous yourself, you don’t have half a freckle on your face, are you aware of this?

Terry: (whistles). Are you also saying that you are proud of your pudgy nose too?

Candy: Absolutely, I am, of course!

George: Miss Candy? Oh, you are here, Miss Candy!

Terry: Farewell, Lady Freckles!

Candy: (in a really short and sour tone) Yes, we shall talk again, little boy!

George: Please don’t stay out here, it’s dangerous, you may catch a cold!

Candy: Tell me George, this boy that was here…

George: Oh so you know, Mr. Grandchester?

Candy: So that was Mr. Grandchester?

George: Yes, he is a member of one of the most prominent noble families of England!

Candy: Noble family, did you say?

George: Why, what did he do?

Candy: Nothing! I just thought that from behind ...he looked very much like Anthony…

George: Mr Anthony?

Candy: Exactly… Mr Anthony… but Anthony… Anthony was mush more beautiful that him… much more beautiful…

George: please, let’s go back to our cabins.

Candy: This fog is so thick… I feel I am in a fairytale-land… I feel that if I stayed a little longer, Anthony would suddenly come and see me…

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