French to English translation by Mallory (Gentillefille)


Episode 31 : "Un étrange jeune homme"  (A strange young man)

Candy comes out on the deck to get some fresh air, after drinking too much champagne.

Candy: Oh...what a fog! It's getting thicker and friends are waiting for me at the harbour. They must be as impatient as I am...

The wind blows her scarf away, she follows it

Candy: Oh... oh... Anthony? It’s impossible! No, it’s the effect of the fog…but still… no Anthony is blond…he’s got brown hair…he’s taller than Anthony but…something reminds me of him…Who is he?... But he’s crying…oh...

She turns around and wants to walk away…. He realises her presence.

Terry: Who are you? What do you want from me?

Candy: Euh…I came up here on the deck to get some air and I wanted to talk to you because you seem so sad…

Candy: Me? I look Sad? Where did you see that, Miss? I look sad?

The young man is laughing out loud, which surprises Candy.

Candy: (in her head) But I’m sure I saw him cry…maybe I made a mistake…no I didn’t make a mistake; he was crying…

Terry: You’re having visions and you’ve got the face full of freckles!

Candy: What? Repeat what you’re saying!

Terry: I said you’ve got the face full of freckles and I’m very sorry for you; it doesn’t suit you at all!

Candy: What? You dare…well I love freckles! I think they’re very pretty!

Terry:  Every man to his taste, but I prefer the way I am.

Candy: I don’t care about your opinion! And first of all, my friends say that it suits me very well!

Terry: It’s their right after all!

Candy: And it’s jealousy that’s making you talk, admit it!

Terry: Pfft! Give me a break! While you’re at it, tell me I’m jealous about your nose!


George arrives and interrupts their conversation.

George: Miss, come back in Miss, don’t stay over there…

Terry: Goodbye Freckles! (as he is leaving)

Candy: I’m not saying goodbye to you!

George: Miss, come in, you’re going to catch a chill.

Candy: Tell me Georges, do you know this boy?

George: Of course, it’s Mr. Grandchester…

Candy: Mr. Grandchester? That name doesn’t ring a bell…

George: The Grandchesters are one of England’s nobility family

Candy: Nobility? Are you sure?

George: Did he do something to you?

Candy: No, no nothing at all. It’s strange, from the back he looks a little like Anthony…

George: Like Mr. Anthony?

Candy: Yes, a little, but in a less good way…he might be very well dressed, but Anthony is more elegant…don’t you think so?


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