International Translations of "Candy & Terry Scenes"
from the CC Anime Series (TOEI)

Wonder what Candy's thinking? Pass your mouse over the image and see!

It all started with a simple question by a long-time Candyfan, Lady Gato. "What did Terry and Candy say to each other during that infamous kiss? (in the anime)". Her inquiry generated responses from other loyal Candyfans around the globe, who offered their own countries' translations of Candy and Terry's first kiss! The comparisons of the different translations were quite interesting and revealing! It seems that a Candyfan's view, perception and experience of "Candy Candy" may have been influenced by the way the animation was translated in their own language!

Browse through the following dialogues in the episodes translated into english by devoted Candyfans and rediscover the memorable scenes between Candy and Terry all over again!

Italian film: Candy & Terry's Happy Ending

Candy & Terry's First Meeting

Candy & Terry's First Kiss

More english translations of cherished "Candy & Terry" anime scenes are found at the CandyTerry Forum under the topic "Group Translation Project"! It's an ongoing compilation and collaboration among Candy fans from all over the world! So far, we have the english translations from the Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and Japanese anime scenes! If you watched "Candy Candy" in China, Korea, Indonesia, and other countries in Europe where "Candy Candy" was televised, I warmly invite you to share your own translations with other fans at the forum!

A great MAHALO, MERCI BEAUCOUP, GRACIAS, ARIGATO, TESEKKUR EDERIM, GRAZIE SPASIBO, and EFHARISTO to the dear CC Ladies who translated the anime scenes in english!