CandyXFiles Cast of Characters (cont.)

Secret Agent Lena:

Close friend of Professor Vos, but secretly works for the KGB.

Carries lethal weapon called the "kalashnikov" frying pan to eliminate the evil SusannahKrycek clones.

Likes Director AlbertSkinner.

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Director AlbertSkinner (image abductee returned):

CandyCandyFBI Director in charge of TerryMulder and CandyScully. Is constantly questioning the sanity of Agent TerryMulder and his work on the CandyXfiles and secretly wonders if he'll ever get to date CandyScully.

Professor Amy:

16 y/o genius Professor kidnapped by the Anti-Candy Syndicate and forced to create destructive viruses to infect all Candyfans.

Accomplishments: Won the Nobel Prize at age 12 for her work in genetic cloning. Created the "Pokeman" and "Digimon" virus to prevent her father from being killed by the Anti-Candy Syndicate.

Secret idol and admirer: Professor Vos

The "Baddies":

SmokingManNeil (SMN): Head of the Anti-Candy Syndicate aimed at controlling Candyworld. Addicted to Morley cigarettes.

ElizaDiana: Sister of SMN. Has the "hots" for TerryMulder, but is constantly rejected. Conspiring with SMN to 'emoticolonize' Candyworld and turn all Candyfans into Pikachu!

SusannaKrycek and clones:

Former girlfriend of TerryMulder who wears a prosthetic leg due to a FREAK accident (so what if she saved TerryMulder's' life). Now she does all the dirty work for the Anti-Candy Syndicate.

Main goal in life: REVENGE on CandyScully and perhaps get a real leg


The Pokeman Conspiracy: Emoticolonization

Special BONUS CandyXfiles Edition (by Professor Vostok):

"Professor Vostok's Flying Toasters"

Special HOT CandyXfiles Edition:

"Here and Now" by Patty Morales

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