CandyXFiles Cast of Characters

CC(CandyCandy)FBI Agents:

TerryMulder: Handsome, suave CCFBI agent obsessed with alien conspiracies. Created the CandyXfiles to uncover the alien truths. Has hidden UST "unresolved sexual tension" for his partner, Agent CandyScully.

CandyScully: Beautiful and smart CCFBI agent and medical doctor assigned to assist TerryMulder in scientifically explaining the alien truths. Also has hidden UST for her partner, Agent TerryMulder.

Professor Vos:

17 year old Croatian inventor and computer scientist with PhD in Biogenetic Engineering, Cloning and Computer Electronics. Also quite handy with a screwdriver.

His IQ status is yet to be determined.

Current project: Creating the superTERRYgene clone for Candyfans who are 'Terrylovers'.

CandyLoneGunmen (AnthonyByers, ArchieFrohike, Stairlangley-left to right):

Friends of Professor Vos, CandyScully, and TerryMulder.

Secretly working as underground expert computer hackers who live to uncover unknown conspiracies in Candyworld.


Friends of Professor Vos, these 3 Candyfan "Terrylovers" were infected with the Pokeman Virus in Vostuck Labs.

Aim in life: to obtain their very own Terryclone (since they can't have the REAL ONE!)


All illustrations are the property and creation of Patty Morales. SPASIBO, MAHALO, ARIGATO GOZAIMASU Patty-san!!